Leaked Trump Speech

A leaked portion of Trump’s prepared remarks for Flag Day, which he apparently confused with either Memorial Day or D Day, the jury is still out on which: “I understand the pain and suffering of our troops during the war. I, for instance, suffered mightily from bone spurs in my heels, but I was brave and faced draft day seven times. The anxiety that I suffered, not knowing if the doctor’s excuse, would convince the draft board. You don’t know how difficult that was. And, once while playing golf at one of my private clubs, I turned my ankle, but I bravely putted out. Yes, you see, I too know the pain that those who gave their lives for our country, which allowed me to build my empire. To those men, I am grateful in the sense that they understood that they had to preserve our way of life in order for me to become wealthy.” True, word-for-word, leaked text of this proposed speech. Honest. Comment at fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.



Trump’s One-trick pony “defense”

He spent his entire business career employing a very predictable business model: other people’s money; hiding behind LLCs (more than 400); lawsuits (over 4000), and, when in over is head, declaring bankruptcy (at least six times). In other words, when cornered, he attacks, obfuscates and, ultimately, runs away. No wonder he doesn’t want to show his tax returns or to testify. Perjury and money laundering loom large for him. Comment at http://fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.

Donald Trump: The Man Who Would Be King

Unhinged is an appropriate description of the person in the WH. Running out of stuff to attack: ESPN, NFL, NBA, SNL. Not exactly serious threats to the economy, the world order or anything else of substance that should be concerning the President. He is getting more like the lonely man at the end of the bar on a Friday night, ranting and raving while everyone else is edging away from him. He is miserable; he makes everyone around him miserable, and he won’t pay his check and leave.

Comment at fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.

Is Martial Law on the Trump Radar?

Is the next shoe to drop martial law?

Follow the bouncing ball: a proposed border wall; limiting immigration; ending broad healthcare coverage; compiling voter registration information; restricting press access to the White House; innuendos about “tapes” that don’t exist; restricting funding of public schools, increased military threats. Not a pretty picture. Comment at fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.

The man who would be king

Re: paying himself for “campaign” expenditures. It has long been known that he was the Ferengi candidate (“Where’s the profit?”). However, he has seriously miscalculated and he is clearly not financially capable of doing what he claimed (“I won’t accept PAC money and I will self-fund.”) Apparently, another case of he having been “misconstrued.” For 50 years, he has gotten away with stuff because there was no real scrutiny of his behavior or management skills. Now it’s different and the picture isn’t pretty. Comment at fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media.

I assume this disclaimer on the New York Observer site is an attempt to gain our sympathy.  Not going to work.  Jared, you bought into the BS and now you have to live with the consequences of having a jerk as a father-in-law.  No amount of being an ostrich will get you out of your dilemma.  When people make bad choices, sometimes they have to live with them. Comment at fedupwithdonaldtrump.com.