The Man Who Built a Wall Around Himself

For all his rhetoric and 140-character Tweets, Trump is genetically unable to build a coalition with the very people who should be allies.  Rather than cementing their opposition to his opponent, he seems bent on alienating them.  For 50 years, he has employed a specific, confrontational behavior.  Judging by his serial bankruptcy filings and his 3500 lawsuits, its success rate is only defensible in his own mind.  Increasingly he has become a one-note, one issue candidate who can no longer claim that he is self-funded; who long ago abandoned his pledge to release his tax returns (“none of your business”); who demonstrated his support of veterans by denouncing ex-POWs as “not heroes in his book,” and has self-proclaimed a “very good brain” all the while unknowledgeable about the very Constitution that he wants to enforce.  Comment at


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