The long and inevitable descent of Donald Trump

Frankly, the act is getting boring.  He is like an actor doing a role for the umpteenth time.  At some point, between the personal insecurities that drive him to be inhumanly confident and his lack of a moral center, he will jump the shark.  At the same time, his core of “committeds” who answer criticisms of him with “I don’t care” will have to face the reality that his rhetoric is empty, his knowledge base shallow and the inconsistencies of his positions will drive away those that they need to elect him.  While he will not slink away, he will have become so offensive, so preposterous that enough people will throw up their hands and “say enough” and vote for someone else or simply not vote.  The Trump 2016 movement will join the ranks of Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump ties, Trump casinos, Trump Airlines and Trump University, sad testimonies to a shallow man with ideas bigger than his abilities.  Time to express your opinion at

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