The thing about political correctness

Just what is political correctness and what does its lack of importance to Trump and many his supporters mean?

The issue is not the content of what he says and whether it passes the PC smile test. The issue is the lack of forethought. His only consideration appears to be the publicity value of his words. So the only forethought is about their shock value or whether they make a good sound bite.

Admirable if headlines are your goal, but not particularly the sign of anyonewho should be President, let alone a world leader. And it all goes back to a pathological inability to think deeply about virtually anything or listen to advice or to learn. Those who say that they are tired of political correctness are really saying they are willing to support someone who refuses to think deeply and cannot grasp the importance of what words imply.

Children, often inadvertently display those qualities (“kids say the darndest things”). For a person who wishes to lead a nation, it is a huge flaw and a peek into the maturity and depth of his thought process.

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