Trump: Never met a rule he wouldn’t break if it benefitted him

From Time Inc.:

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump broke the rules set by Fox News at Thursday’s GOP debate, consulting with his campaign manager during a commercial break.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, went on stage to speak with the businessman at the first commercial break, violating Fox’s rule that candidates would not be allowed to have contact with their campaigns, CNN reported on Saturday, citing rival campaign sources.

The anonymous sources said Trump has consulted with his campaign manager backstage at previous debates, even though it was forbidden. Thursday was more extreme, they said, because Lewandowski met with Trump on stage.

Lewandowski refused to leave the stage when asked, so the network allowed the other campaigns to consult with their candidates as well.

From TOBIN & Associates:

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The long and inevitable descent of Donald Trump

Frankly, the act is getting boring.  He is like an actor doing a role for the umpteenth time.  At some point, between the personal insecurities that drive him to be inhumanly confident and his lack of a moral center, he will jump the shark.  At the same time, his core of “committeds” who answer criticisms of him with “I don’t care” will have to face the reality that his rhetoric is empty, his knowledge base shallow and the inconsistencies of his positions will drive away those that they need to elect him.  While he will not slink away, he will have become so offensive, so preposterous that enough people will throw up their hands and “say enough” and vote for someone else or simply not vote.  The Trump 2016 movement will join the ranks of Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump ties, Trump casinos, Trump Airlines and Trump University, sad testimonies to a shallow man with ideas bigger than his abilities.  Time to express your opinion at

If you think that Trump will be a “Republican president,” you haven’t been paying attention.  He has no moral center, no convictions held with consistency over time, no “hows” to implement his “whats.”  He is a huckster and a flimflam man with four bankruptcies, three divorces and the 2 Corinthians on his resume.  He can’t even figure out how to deal with KKK and claims that he is being audited because “I’m a Christian.”  None of his qualities mark him as a leader and none of what he says shows signs that he has thought about it.  Not a leader. Go there and vote.


The thing about political correctness

Just what is political correctness and what does its lack of importance to Trump and many his supporters mean?

The issue is not the content of what he says and whether it passes the PC smile test. The issue is the lack of forethought. His only consideration appears to be the publicity value of his words. So the only forethought is about their shock value or whether they make a good sound bite.

Admirable if headlines are your goal, but not particularly the sign of anyonewho should be President, let alone a world leader. And it all goes back to a pathological inability to think deeply about virtually anything or listen to advice or to learn. Those who say that they are tired of political correctness are really saying they are willing to support someone who refuses to think deeply and cannot grasp the importance of what words imply.

Children, often inadvertently display those qualities (“kids say the darndest things”). For a person who wishes to lead a nation, it is a huge flaw and a peek into the maturity and depth of his thought process.

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  • Here’s the thing about Trump. He has no moral compass and “truth” is an “it depends” variable in his life. The reason there are so many “gotcha” questions about what he stands for is because he doesn’t stand for anything. Everyone changes his/her mind once in awhile and people sometimes even forget things that they have said. But Trump pathologically denies even audio, visual or printed evidence of what he has said. He cannot actually “lead” because his vision of the world is a defensive posture against things that he cannot control. And being President requires functioning in a world sometimes out of your control and molding it by collaborating, learning and growing. He has not demonstrated those qualities. Ever. is a place to express your opinion.