New Survey Results from

8 10 15 donald trump Survey

Reflects Changing Sentiment


Open-ended Poll Reveals Consistency

In Attitude and Antipathy towards

Candidate Running as a “Brand”


San Rafael, CA—October 7, 2015—Results from the continuing survey conducted via the website ( are beginning to verify the weakness of the “polling” numbers for Donald Trump, who is running as a brand and not a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

This according to Gary Tobin (, who established the site “Our polling is rigorous and not influenced by any candidate, party or political pundit,” said Tobin.  “You can trust me on this.”

Tobin said that the results of his first survey press release in September received more than 20,000 hits, citing results from Business Wire (over which the release was distributed) as well as “votes” directed to the site from the Internet, Facebook, Linked and Twitter.  Business Wire is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.  “You can’t do better than that,” said Tobin.

To invoke statistical verification techniques championed by Trump, Tobin said, “Our results are the most scientific and accurate anywhere in the world.”

Tobin said there was a marked increase in the number of voters who claimed to be “billionaires” and “who noted the attendance of Hillary Clinton” at their wedding.  “Who am I to doubt these claims,” said Tobin.  “If you trust Don’s claims about his wealth despite evidence to the contrary, you have to believe my numbers.”

People continue to be most troubled his proclivity for personal insult and his stand on immigration issues.  They also find him “bombastic” and “egotistical.”

Tobin said he continued to keep personal tabs on the results.  “I am taking my cues from Donnie regarding the provision of substance to support claims.”

The site has added a comment section and several new categories for responses.  “We are providing our constituency with an alternative place to express their opinions and to voice their concerns,” he said.

About TOBIN & Associates


TOBIN & Associates (, headquartered for nearly a decade in New York City, has operated from offices in San Rafael since 2004. It was founded in 1995. Tobin’s personal business history includes senior corporate communications positions with major global corporations.  He began his career as a journalist with the Palo Alto (CA) Times and later at the San Francisco Chronicle.


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